Paul O'Toole


Chief Executive Officer, Higher Education Authority

Paul O’Toole is interim chief executive officer of the HEA. O’Toole is responsible for the implementation of the new HEA strategy 2018 – 2022, which includes the rollout of the new performance compacts under its strategic dialogue process with higher education institutions. O’Toole will also assist in the recruitment process for a permanent chief executive for the Authority. Working with the Authority and the HEA team, he will lead the HEA contribution to the introduction of the new technological universities and implementing reforms of the higher education landscape. O’Toole is the former chief executive officer of SOLAS, a state-run agency with responsibility for planning and coordinating further education and training. SOLAS was established in 2013 following the dissolution of the Training and Employment Authority, FÁS.

Jacqueline Paris