Vivienne Patterson

Vivienne Patterson.png

Head of Skills, Engagement and Statistics, Higher Education Authority

Dr. Vivienne Patterson is head of Skills, Engagement and Statistics at the Higher Education Authority. The section has responsibility for the management of the both the Springboard+ Programme, and the provision of national apprenticeships in higher education. Her role in the HEA involves active strategic engagement with agencies such as EI, IDA, IBEC and AmCham to strengthen the relationship between higher education promotion and future employment and innovation. Patterson played a key role in the development of the National Student Engagement Survey and the National Employers Survey and while leading the Statistics Section was responsible for several publications including “What Do Graduates Do?”, “Key Facts and Figures”, “A Study of Non-Progression in Irish Higher Education” and “Higher Education System Performance: Institutional and Sectoral Profiles”. Before joining the HEA Patterson worked as a senior researcher in the Skills Initiative Unit and as an education consultant with the Skills and Labour Market Research Unit of SOLAS where she implemented the education arm of the National Skills Database.

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