Mary Buckley


Executive Director, IDA Ireland

Mary Buckley is a member of the Executive Leadership Team at IDA Ireland – the state agency with responsibility for attracting foreign investment into Ireland. Buckley has held senior leadership positions in the organisation over the past 11 years, operating in Ireland and in North America.

In October 2015, Buckley was appointed executive director with responsibility for the implementation of IDA Ireland’s corporate strategy, Winning: Foreign Direct Investment 2015-2019. Prior to that, she was divisional manager covering regional development, property and corporate operations overseeing the implementation of IDA Ireland’s regional development and property strategies. In this role she was also head of human resources and organisation development and oversaw the finance and corporate governance functions of the organisation.

From 2006 to 2010 Buckley was director of IDA Ireland’s North American operations, leading the team in winning investments across all business sectors. Prior to her relocation to New York, Buckley was director of the south region based in Cork.

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